New & Vintage Clothing

Pretty Parlor

“Fashion can uplift the spirit … let’s enjoy it, have fun and be fabulous!”

Anna Lange aka Anna Banana

Meet Anna. She’s the beauty and brains behind Pretty Parlor: owner, curator and stylist. From the time she was a tyke, she loved all things marvelous and sparkly, mesmerized by the fresh frocks of Doris Day, the glam of Sonny & Cher, and the grooviest gang, The Brady Bunch. The revival of vintage clothing is in her blood: her mother, Barb, grew up in the back of a tailor shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she learned the art of mending and restoring once-loved garments. Anna inherited the family passion for making the old new again.

Ever the clotheshorse, as a child, Anna changed her outfit three times a day, spent hours organizing her Barbie’s wardrobe, and dreamed of spending her free time shopping for Esprit on the sale racks. In high school, a job at Contempo Casuals found her addicted to self-expression through fashion, and obsessed with creating window displays — premonitions of the Pretty Parlor to be.

Post-college, Anna started amassing colorful, retro clothing and costumes. A member of several Seattle bands, she gleefully dressed her fellow musicians to fit the mood of the music. Perhaps you remember the semi-serious, semi-delirous 60’s-inspired Pucci style of Nana Bao and her Bossa Boys? Or maybe you were a fan of the retired-Vegas-showgirl look of Tap Explosion!? Yes, all courtesy of Anna Banana.

When friends started asking to rent pieces from her walk-in closet to feature in photo shoots, Anna knew it was time to dive into life as an entrepreneur. She left her steady job as a Nordstrom Art Director and in 2001, launched Pretty Parlor. Today you can find Anna in her natural element, immersed in her fabulous finds — the twinkling centerpiece of a vivid, fantastic universe.

p.s. In her spare time, Anna crafts pottery, tap dances and still loves to play dress up and make music.