New & Vintage Clothing


Pretty Parlor is honored to feature the amazing work of talented local designer, Devon Yan-Berrong. All of the clothing and accessories in our Chinese New Year window dislpay are from his collection, WILD GARDEN. Taking inspiration from the Qing Dynasty, every bead, sequin and tassle was carefully hand-crafted and represents a work of art.

Originally from Hong Kong, Devon grew up with an artistic family. In 2006 he moved to Portland, OR to pursue his dreams and freely express his passion for art and fashion.

Soon after moving to the US, Devon showed his collection at Portland Fashion Week, and was recognized as one of the Best Emerging Designers. Word spread quickly about his clothing line, DEVONATION. In 2011, he relocated to Seattle WA, continuing his dreams of beauty and passion for fashion. His work can be seen on runways and in magazines across the globe. 

To learn more about Devonation and view his collections, visit
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