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Hooray For Team Vincent!

It is with great joy we announce to you today that Vincent is no longer robotic! His exeter pins and screws were successfully removed. Whew! HE IS FINALLY FREE! There was some yanking and pulling on his leg so it’s safe to assume the little guy is in some pain. That should pass over the next couple of days with the help of some pain meds. The next two weeks are crucial in his recovery: he must not jump! Try telling him that. He is doing soooooooo good. He is playful, loving, cuddly and moving around quite well. And so our amazing Gofundme campaign must come to an end, be it a happy one. We don’t know how to thank each and every one of you enough. We will never forget the way you came together as a community to support our beloved shopcat. He wouldn’t be here without you. What a truly amazing and heartfelt story this has become. Thank you and blessings to you and yours – All of love and meows, xoxox Vincent & Anna Banana xoxox