Parrot Earrings


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Kaw-kawww! These rainbow parrot earrings are just waiting around to hang from your ears! Laser-cut acrylic, handmade in the USA. These earrings measure about 3″ by 1″, and weigh .3 ounces, lightweight. Hung from gold earring wires. The acrylics are mounted onto a thinner 1/16″ white acrylic to keep them lightweight.

We love these earrings and think that they never get old. However, to prolong the life of yours, treat them with love! Be careful when storing it in a bag or pocket so that it does not break. Also, avoid getting any and all jewelry wet. Take it off and keep it out of the way of all showers, baths, pools, hot tubs, saunas, etc. Designed and made by Kelly Eident.